La Lajita (English)


You are at the beginning of the yellow route from La Lajita to Costa Calma.

This route leaves from the Plaza de La Lajita to the Casamata del Mirador del Tabloncillo, continuing towards the beach of El Puestito to reach the beach of Puerto Rico.

Once you arrive at Puerto Rico Beach, you have to climb the slope of La Pared to visit the Casamatas and continue along the Suelo Bruto dirt road.

The Matas Blancas casemates are former artillery emplacements built during the Second World War in response to the threat of invasion. These casemates were dug into the ground and had two-room corridors.

These trenches of sorts were built in response to the threat of invasion by Allied forces. One of the reasons for this invasion was the strategic position that the Canary Islands have always held over the years. However, as the war progressed, interest in the invasion of the Canary Islands waned and the plan did not come to fruition.

After continuing along the road to Tierra de Suelo Bruto, turn left along Matas Blancas to Playa de La Jaqueta and follow the coast until you reach the Mirador de Gerepe.

From there, you will reach the fossil site and the Matas Blancas beach and continue on to the Mirador del Atlántico viewpoint and finally to Costa Calma.

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