Morro Jable (English)


You are at the beginning of the green route from Morro Jable to Cofete, and the black route to Faro de Jandía.

Morro Jable is a village of great charm, no doubt about it. Like other villages in the municipality, it is characterised by agricultural activity, experiencing a population development in the mid-19th century that continued into the 20th century with settlements on the coast.

However, agriculture was not the only activity that took place in the village. Fishing was also important in the coastal settlement, along with lime and the saltworks, which, although they ceased to operate in 1950, until then had been used to export salt to Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

The name of Gustav Winter is mentioned again, as he came to own the entire peninsula of Jandía and contributed to the economic development of the area, providing work for a large number of people.

Starting from the green route to Cofete, it goes from the Plaza de los Pescadores to the Plaza de Cirilo López. From there along the Balandro pedestrian street you will reach the Mirador de la Virgen del Carmen. Then, via Calle Altavista and Calle Atolladeros, cross the FV-2 to take the dirt road in the direction of the Depósito a Agua and follow the road to the left to the Gran Valle.

Continuing along this road you will reach the Degollada del Monge and start to descend towards Cofete.

Finishing with the black route to Faro de Jandía, this route continues parallel to the green route until you reach Cofete. Follow the dirt road to the Mirador de Cofete viewpoint and continue along it until you reach the crossroads to Cofete beach.

Here you continue along the Punta de Jandía road until you reach the lighthouse.

This lighthouse, built in the mid-19th century, is located in the Jandía Natural Park.

It was first opened on 1 December 1864, and for many years it has helped sailors passing by with their boats. This assistance used to be provided by a lighthouse keeper, but nowadays this work is done automatically thanks to technology.

In terms of its features, it is 19 metres high and stands 33 metres above sea level, with solar energy panels that help to make the lighthouse as sustainable as possible.

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