La Pared (English)


You are at the beginning of the black route from La Pared to La Alambrada.

This route begins at this information board, passing through the FV-605. It follows the old Alambrada de Winter to Matas Blancas, passing by the Mirador del Atlántico and ending in Costa Calma.

La Pared is a small village of great charm located in the northwest of the municipality, with a great agricultural and livestock tradition.

A distinction can be made between a more traditional agricultural and livestock settlement area, as mentioned above, and a more modern and, therefore, tourist area.

This last area emerged in the 1970s but did not experience the tourist boom of other places in the municipality and on the island, becoming a regular residence for German tourists who came to the municipality to spend long periods of time.

It is worth mentioning the origin of its name, which comes from the stone, specifically from a wall that ran along the coast of Fuerteventura. This is the birthplace of the well-known La Pared isthmus, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in the archaeological zone category.

It runs parallel to Alambrada de Winter, a curious construction with a long history. Although some stories say that the fence was built during the Second World War, the date of construction is said to be later.

The construction of this fence began in 1949 with wooden posts and wire, as a result of the livestock tradition of La Pared.

The construction of this fence served, among other things, to prevent outside animals from entering the farm with the rest of the livestock and destroying the feed that was provided for them. In addition, different breeds of the same animal were also prevented from coming together.

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